"Microswimmers" Lecture Series Started

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Microswimmers are microobjects that can actively move on a micro scale. Here: sperm with iron oxide particles.

The lecture series "Microswimmers" combines disciplines of life sciences, and as such four of five School of Sciences' faculties: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. "Microswimmers" brings together theory and application issues, focusing on providing an excellent teaching base on this present topic. It is co-organized by Dr. Benjamin M. Friedrich, Research group leader of cfaed's "Biological Algorithms Group".
This lecture series comprises 14 lectures from international speakers plus 14 reading seminars (Hauptseminare) which take place one week before each lecture and are held in a journal club style. This lecture is planned to run in the course of a full year (September 2018 - Juli 2019). Participating students are asked to read the provided articles (see Learning Material) and present an article in one of the reading seminars during the course of the lecture series.


  • Physics of Motion on the Microscale
  • Artifical microwimmers
  • Biological microswimmers

Please find here the detailed list of lectures and speakers.

The "Microswimmers" lecture series is supported by ZUK and cfaed.
Credit points and rigorosum replacement available for lectures and preparation sessions

Contact and Registration


Dr. Juliane Simmchen
Freigeist-Fellowship Group Leader
Physical Chemistry

More information:

PD Dr. Benjamin M. Friedrich
Research group leader "Biological Algorithms Group"
TU Dresden: Biological Systems Path of the Center for Advancing
Electronics Dresden (cfaed)

Dr. Veronika Magdanz
Open Topic Postdoc
Applied Zoology

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