New cfaed Executive Board

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With the end of the DFG funding period, cfaed's former Executive Board, namely Gerhard Fettweis, Brigitte Voit, and Karl Leo, has resigned. The cfaed members wish to thank the outgoing Board for their dedication, efforts and thoughts throughout the years. As voted for by the cfaed General Assembly on 28 October and confirmed by the Rectorial Board on 19 November, the new Board members are: Marc Timme - Thomas Mikolajick - Stefan Mannsfeld.

Following the end of the DFG funding, cfaed is now a Research Cluster of TUD within its Research Priority Area ‘Information Technology and Microelectronics’. As a Central Scientific Unit (Zentrale Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung), cfaed reports directly to the Rectorial Board. A new Ordnung (by-laws) is currently under review and will be confirmed early next year.

Administration of the Cluster and first point of contact:
Office Dr. Uta Schneider, Barkhausen-Bau, room BAR I86B, Phone: +49 351 463 43701

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