Nobel Laureate Serge Haroche about Light and Matter at TU Dresden on 27th June

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On Wednesday, June 27th, Nobel Laureate in Physics Serge Haroche will talk in a public lecture about his experiments on light and matter. 

Serge Haroche will talk about the interplay of light and matter on 27th June. At 7 p.m., the French quantum physicist will complete this year's lecture series "Nobel Laureates at TU Dresden" in the Central Lecture Hall with his lecture: "Juggling with atoms and photons in cavity: from fundamental tests to quantum metrology".


The physicist trapped and boxed not Schrödinger‘s cat, but a small light particle – a photon – for investigating the quantum mechanical effects of the collision of light and matter: He trapped photons – which usually disappear when they come upon matter – in a mirrored box for one tenth of a second: Enough time for the light particles to collide and reflect about one billion times at the mirror surface – and for the experimental physicists to guide single atoms across the box and analyze their interplay with the photons. The complicated undertaking of capturing a photon, as
well as the subsequent examination of the crossing atoms needed a brilliant strategy, which was incorporated in a refined experiment at the École normale supérieure in Paris; for his findings illuminating overall quantum mechanical problems, enabling new insights into our world’s microstructure, Haroche was awarded jointly with David Wineland the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2012.

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