Now Published: "Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures" Book by Prof. Xinliang Feng & Prof. Klaus Müllen

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Carbon Materials such as nanoparticles, fibres, adamantane- and graphene-like structures are widely used in science and engineering. Applications range from energy and gas storage to electronics and optical applications. The internationally renowned experts who contributed to this book discuss chemical aspects of carbon structures, their synthesis, functionalization and design strategies for defined applications.

Aims and Scope

Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures aims to present the current state-of-the-art synthesis and application of carbon materials like nano diamonds, ribbons and graphene-like structures in science and engineering. Edited by Professor Klaus Müllen, who received the Adolf von Bayer Medal for his contribution to Carbon Chemistry, and Xinliang Feng, this book combines outstanding contributions by a renowned international team of experts.

The authors discuss chemical aspects of carbon nanostructures, their synthesis, functionalization and design strategies for defi ned applications. Recent advances in carbon nanomembranes, molecule-assisted ultrasound-induced liquid-phase exfoliation of graphene, and solution synthesis of graphene nanoribbons and biological application of nanodiamonds are highlighted topics.

This book provides an excellent reference on the chemistry of carbon nanostructures for Chemists, Materials Scientists, Condensed-matter Physicists, Surface Scientists, and Engineers.

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