School & Science: Internship for High School Students

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During their natural sciences project week (22 to 26 Feb. 2016) students from the high school Martin Andersen Nexö Gymnasium had the chance to take part in a one-week internship for career orientation. The students received an overview of different topics and aspects at the cfaed Chair for Organic Devices with the focus on improving the printability of organic semiconductors on silicon dioxide. They used different silanes to modify the surface of the silicon dioxide and investigated their influence on the surface energy and the resulting printability. For characterization of the modified surfaces they measured the water contact angle and examined the printed semiconductor layers by optical microscopy.

The students also visited the microfluidic labs of the Richter group. Under supervision of cfaed Chemical Information Processing Research Path leader Prof. Andreas Richter they had the opportunity to design their own microfluidic chip in a 3D drawing program. Afterwards, the designs were 3D printed and molded in PDMS, a transparent, elastic polymer. These are the basic steps towards lab-on-a-chip devices, a workhorse in the Chemical Information Processing Path.
If you are interested in an internship, please send a short application with your C.V. and the research group in which you particularly interested to

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