Prof. Xinliang Feng Acquires ERC Consolidator Grant

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In February 2019, the agreement for a "Consolidator Grant" of the European Research Council ERC for Prof. Xinliang Feng was signed. The project title is "T2DCP - Development of Thiophene Based Conjugated Polymers in Two Dimensions", the grant runs for five years and has a volume of two million euros. It is planned to include five postdocs and four PhD students in the project as it covers a very broad range of research topics.

The European Research Council has launched the Consolidator programme to give scientists at an advanced stage of their careers greater independence by (further) building their research team and developing a successful career in Europe. The ERC thus supports projects in which a single researcher acts as Principal Investigator and which are carried out at any host institution in an EU member state.

Prof. Feng holds the Strategic cfaed Professorship for Molecular Functional Materials at the TU Dresden and is mainly concerned with 2D materials consisting of a single atomic layer. This year he will celebrate his 5th anniversary at the Cluster of Excellence.

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