Schaufenster der Forschung - Cluster of Excellence ‘Physics of Life’ exhibition opened at Technische Sammlungen Dresden

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Opening of the exhibition "Showcase of Research" by the Cluster of Excellence "Physics of Life" in the Technische Sammlungen Dresden
© cfaed / Matthias Hahndorf

What is life? How does a complex organism develop from a tiny egg cell? And how can salamanders even regrow lost limbs? A new hands-on exhibition of the Cluster of Excellence 'Physics of Life' asks these and other questions and shows how researchers from biology, physics and computer sciences are working together to answer these questions. The rector of TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger opened the exhibition on 5 May, 2023.

The exhibition is part of the series SHOWCASES OF RESEARCH. Visitors are invited to take part in experiments with magnetic fluids, phase separation and molecules to build themselves and a large photo wall. Microscopy films allow you to experience how a cell divides or a fish embryo is formed. Large-scale illustrations by our science artist show how the interplay of molecules, cells and tissues shapes an organism, what role chance and genetic information play in the process and how physical forces give shape to an embryo – pure physics! Our group leader Prof. Benjamin Friedrich (Biological Algorithms Group) is the mastermind behind.

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Duration of the exhibition: May 6, 2023 - May 05, 2024
Venue: Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Junghannsstr. 1-3, 012177 Dresden

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