The winners of the cfaed Scientific Image Contest 2022 have been announced!

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Reshma Raveendran: Colourful Coral Reef

At the start of the Long Night of Science, we held our award ceremony for this year's cfaed Scientific Image Contest. Now we can publicly announce the winners!

Congratulations go to:

1st place: Reshma Raveendran (Chair of Organic Devices)
Title: Colourful Coral Reef
(10 points)

2nd place: Malte Schröder (Chair of Network Dynamics)
Title: Where The Lines Overlap
(5 points)

3rd place: Preetam Dacha (Chair of Organic Devices)
Title: Eukaryotic Cell
(3 points)

A total of 37 works were submitted. The jury consisted of the cfaed PR team (Christiane Kunath, Matthias Hahndorf) as well as Michelle Kreisig (FutureSAX) and Karl Laurinat (student of art education at the TU Dresden).

A selection of the submitted works from 2022 can be seen here.

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