Xilinx Acquires Silexica, a Former Startup Co-founded by Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon

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logo of company SILEXICA

Fantastic news from the markets: On June 10, 2021 Xilinx, a world leader in FPGA technology with around 5,000 employees, announced the acquisition of Silexica. The company Silexica providing software development tools was co-founded bei cfaed professor Jeronimo Castrillon (Chair for Compiler Construction) in 2014. It once was a spin-off of his work at the ICE Institute at the RWTH Aachen together with Weihua Sheng, Max Odendahl, and his doctoral advisor Prof. Rainer Leupers. Silexica has been successfully producing bleeding edge C/C++ compilers and programming technology for heterogeneous computing systems since then, and secured over 28 million USD from international investors in the process. First seed funding has been provided via the BMBF EXIST program, and early technology adopters from industry included Huawei and Samsung.

"We are particularly looking forward to see the result of the integration of Silexica’s SLX FPGA with Xilinx’ VitisTM", says professor Castrillon. "The CC Chair is proud of Maximilian Odendahl (Silexica’s CEO), Johannes Emigholz (Silexica’s COO), and the rest of the team at Silexica for the amazing work over the past years!"

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