Best Demonstration Award@SIGMOD 2016


From June 26 to July 01, the annual ACM SIGMOD Conference in San Francisco, USA took place. At this international conference, we presented our demo on the topic “Energy Elasticity on Heterogeneous Hardware using Adaptive Resource Reconfiguration LIVE” [1]. We are happy to announce, that this work has been awarded as Best Demonstration at SIGMOD 2016. In this demo, we have shown our novel energy-control loop, which addresses the topic of software-controlled hardware reconfigurations at runtime for data management systems running on a single heterogeneous server system. The work was developed in cooperation between the Orchestration and the HAEC path.

Abstract: Energy awareness of database systems has emerged as a critical research topic, since energy consumption is becoming a major limiter for their scalability. Recent energy-related hardware developments trend towards offering more and more configuration opportunities for the software to control its own energy consumption. Existing research so far mainly focused on leveraging this configuration spectrum to find the most energy-efficient configuration for specific operators or entire queries. In this demo, we introduce the concept of energy elasticity and propose the energy-control loop as an implementation of this concept. Energy elasticity refers to the ability of software to behave energy- proportional and energy-efficient at the same time while maintaining a certain quality of service. Thus, our system does not draw the least energy possible but the least energy necessary to still perform reasonably. We demonstrate our overall approach using a rich interactive GUI to give attendees the opportunity to learn more about our concept.

[1] Annett Ungethüm, Thomas Kissinger, Willi-Wolfram Mentzel, Dirk Habich, Wolfgang Lehner: Energy Elasticity on Heterogeneous Hardware using Adaptive Resource Reconfiguration LIVE. SIGMOD Conference 2016: 2173-2176


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