2015 Internship of Tomas Karnagel at IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


At the beginning of 2015, our PhD student Tomas Karnagel decided to do an internship at IBM to experience world-class industry research in order to get new inspiration for his research within the orchestration path of cfAED. Tomas met some IBM researchers at a conference in the USA half a year earlier and they found that his research is so closely connected to their work that an internship would be beneficial for both sides. At TU Dresden, Tomas works with database systems using GPUs to simulate highly heterogeneous environments, which will arise from the material paths of cfaed. At IBM, he investigated one single database operator and explored all the execution effects he could observe using a high-end GPU. The outcome of his research during his internship resulted in a joint (research) paper of IBM and Tomas.


As stated below, Tomas is very grateful for this internship:   „This internship broadened my mind substantially, as I received a deep insight into the impact of research on industry. The results are relevant for cfAED in many ways. They show how to port database operators to heterogeneous environments, and the pitfalls that have to be considered when doing so. It increased my attentiveness when looking at performance issues, which I can use for my own research within cfAED. I also hope to be able to use the results of this internship in my PhD thesis. During my internship, I did several talks, including a presentation of my research within the cfAED, thus spreading the word of this excellence cluster. Moreover, I found new friends among my IBM colleagues which established a firm basis for a lasting research relationship “

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