Performance analysis on the Tomahawk2


The Orchestration Path employs the Tomahawk2 MPSoC as a demonstrator platform for the hardware/software stack. Cfaed members ported several applications (data bases, computational fluid dynamics, linear algebra) to the T2 and developed M3, an operating system for heterogeneous manycores. To enable graphical runtime performance analysis of these applications and the operating system, the first event tracing infrastructure for the T2 has been developed at the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH). Various types of events like memory transfers, messages, system calls, and user-defined source code regions are recorded for applications based on taskC and M3 and for internals of the M3 operating system as well. The Vampir tool, developed at ZIH and well known in the high performance computing community, is used to visualize the performance data. The performance measurement and analysis on Tomahawk2 allows to check performance assumptions, enables targeted tuning, and aids in design space exploration and performance modeling.

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