Project start: GreenDots at Paulus Group

Published on in PAULUS GROUP NEWS

Environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production is one of the greatest tasks of our time in order to meet the challenges of climate change and the increasing global energy demand. In addition to the classic photovoltaic modules made of silicon, new materials and technologies have emerged in recent years as alternatives that enable transparent, flexible and lightweight modules. The GreenDots research project funded by BMBF focuses on the production and application of nanocrystalline materials, so-called quantum dots, which do not require the usual heavy metals such as lead or cadmium and are therefore more environmentally friendly. The project under the leadership of Dr. Fabian Paulus was launched at the beginning of February, 2022.

By varying the chemical synthesis conditions, the composition and size of the quantum dots can be adjusted, thus tuning the optical and electronic properties of the semiconducting nanomaterials to fit the desired application. After transferring the nanocrystals into concentrated, stable dispersions (inks), the fabrication of high-quality thin films is investigated using solution-based deposition and printing techniques. These processes, in turn, form the basis for the fabrication of efficient solar cells and sensitive light sensors.

See detailed information on our project page and on the website of BMBF.

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