path b - research modules

The Carbon Path addresses complex, inter-dependent research from the material level up to the circuit/system level. According to the table, the Path is organized into 3 Research Modules (RMs).

Milestones are defined to ensure a functional demonstrator after 5 years. In the first year an initial technology platform (RM 1) will be established, and a first working CNTFET compact model (RM 2) made available. The realization of first optimized RF CNTFETs (RM 1) is targeted in the second and third year. In the fourth year, improved models will be available (RM 2) and first RF CNTFET circuits can be demonstrated (RM 3). In the last year of the first phase, initial communication system aspects will be studied (RM 3).

The two new research group leader (RGL) positions Carbon-Based Circuit Technology (RM 1) and Modeling and Design of Carbon-Based Transistors (RM 2) will be created to support the planned research.