June 2017: Diana's paper is out!

Gonçalves, D. P. N. et al. Enhanced Targeting of Invasive Glioblastoma Cells by Peptide-Functionalized Gold Nanorods in Hydrogel-Based 3D Cultures. Acta Biomaterialia 2017 (in print).


May 2017: Nayan's paper on block copolymer encapsulation is out!


Sept 2016: Nayan wins best poster award at DNA22. Congratulations!

Nayan Agarwal DNA22 Poster award


June 2016: Cherry picking lab outing


May 12: Fatih's new paper is out. Congratulations!

Toward Self-Assembled Plasmonic Devices: High-Yield Arrangement of Gold Nanoparticles on DNA Origami Templates. ACS Nano 2016.


Movie night with Chili con carne and chili non carne and non chili con carne. But all with chocolate. And wine. Yumm.

Guess what the geeks watched? Right. GATTACA.

The group in spring 2016

Thorsten Schmidt Lab DNA Chemistry cfaed Dresden

February 2016: Tokyo-Dresden workshop in Dresden

Hike in "Sächsische Schweiz"

Feb. 2016: Michael's Paper is out.


Design and Synthesis of Triangulated DNA Origami Trusses. Nano Letters 2016.


Jan 2016: Group Dinner

group dinner 2016


Jan. 13, 2016:

Welcome to the lab, Katarina!


December 11, 2015:

Fatih wins the prize for the best student poster at "DNA meets Plasmonics" in Bad Honnef. Congrats Fatih!

Poster Prize Fatih



Nobody got married.

But finally the circle-to-circle paper is out (Nature Communications 2015).


October 2015:

Congratulations to Jingjing, Nayan and Yavuz for graduating!



October 2015:

Oh my god, I think it is contagious. Michael also married...

Wedding Micha


Two new papers accepted: My postdoc paper on circle to circle amplification in Nat. Commun. and a collaboration with the Willner lab in Nano Letters.


August 8, 2015

Bad news, girls, Simon is not on the market anymore. Congratulations to Britta and Simon.

Wedding Simon 8/8/2015


August 3, 2015:

Group dinner with Dave Smith's Lab (IZI Leipzig) at Foram and Shikhar's place with delicious home-made Indian goodies.


July 2015:

We are having the healthiest group lunch thanks to Simon's donation of a huge pile of organic veggies from his garden.


Schmidt Lab Salad Lunch


June 2015: Group retreat in "Spreewald".


schmidt lab canoeing


Biomod team 2014

We are proudly hosting Dresden DNAmic, this year's BIOMOD team.
Congratulations for winning the second prize and the prize for the best website (scientific content)!

Biomod 2014 Dresden DNAmic

See the Press Release for the Award.


June 2014: Lab reatreat at St. Marienthal

Retreat 2014 Group Photo