Open positions

Join our team for fun and cutting edge science in one of Europe’s most beautiful and best equipped research environments! Our group is not well balanced right now. The guys are all nice, but I'd prefer a better gender mix. Therefore I particularly encourage female scientists to apply, but Y-chromosomes are not a knockout criterion.

Postdoc positions

Currently, we are seeking postodocs for various projects. I would help to secure funding to outstanding candidates. As a former Humboldt fellow, I can for example host incoming postdocs for 6-24 months holding a postdoctoral research grant from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. We provide lab space, consumables and can arrange access to almost any high-end machines in Dresden. Please also look into other German and European funding options. Please contact me ~1 year before your envisioned starting date as grant applications take long.

PhD positions

No PhD positions are available right now (fall 2016).

Bachelor and Master's theses, lab rotations ("Praktika")

No vacancies (fall 2016)

Application Guidelines

Informal inquiries and questions (phone or email) about the projects are encouraged.

Then please apply via email. Please combine your entire application in one pdf file.

Please include in your application:

  • A brief motivation letter. Why are you interested in our group?
  • If you have a preference what project you would like to work on, let me know. What would you like to learn in our group?
  • A CV
  • For undergrads: detailed academic records (courses taken and grades)
  • a brief (!) description of research projects you worked on so far. What expertise did you acquire?
  • if applicable, contact details (including telephone numbers) of your mentors or other referees

For PhD candidates:

The applicants should

  • have a very good master’s degree or diploma in Chemistry, Physics, Molecular Biology or a relevant area
  • have some research experience and preferably be familiar with experimental macromolecular chemistry and/or molecular biology techniques
  • provide contact details of references

For postdocs:

Informal inquiries before submitting an application are encouraged. For your final application, please follow the suggestions above. In addition, please give me an idea about your plans for the time after the postdoc and have 2 references send me a letter of recommendation.

For applicants from overseas:

I am proud of having an international group and I encourage applications from overseas. Due to the high numbers of (often terrible) applications, some extra advice and guidelines:

  1. In most western countries, PIs prefer to be addressed with their (sur-) names (e.g. Dear Dr. Schmidt) instead of "Dear Sir" or even worse "Dear Sir or Madam". My picture is on my website in case you wonder if Thorsten is a name for males or females.
  2. Make it clear, why you chose our group and what you find interesting about the research we are doing. Else, I assume that a generic application was sent to 100+ groups and an immediate "delete email" reflex is triggered. Better write one specific application than 100 generic ones...
  3. Please provide detailed academic records and give me an idea about the percentile of your grades/ points. Is the grade you got top 30% or rather top 3%?
  4. Please provide the contact details of 2 references (ideally former mentors of yours) including telephone numbers. I will contact them if I consider your application. After that, we will schedule a telephone interview.
  5. Last but not least: I expect grad students to quickly develop a high degree of independence, have a critical mind, develop their own ideas and drive their projects themselves. Only apply if you are confident that this approach works for you.