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  • cfaed unites about 60 Investigators and their teams from 11 institutions to act jointly towards reaching the Cluster’s ambitious aims
  • cfaed’s research is organized within 9 Research Paths, clustered in the following areas: Materials-inspired Paths, System-oriented Paths and one ‘Discovery Path’
  • About 300 scientists from more than 20 countries are engaged in these Paths, spanning the scientific areas Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics
  • The funding volume comprises € 34 million and covers a funding period from November 2012 to October 2017
  • The initial proposal for cfaed as a Cluster of Excellence was submitted to the DFG in August 2011; the funding decision was announced in June 2012: cfaed became ‘Cluster of Excellence’ and supported the application of Technische Universität Dresden to become an ‘University of Excellence
  • The Cluster’s research program started in November 2012 and the official opening celebration was held on 27 February 2013 with an ‘Opening Festival’