Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprises the members of the Executive Board, the Leaders of cfaed's Key Competency Areas and the Dresden Center of Nanoanalysis (DCN) Director. The Committee discusses and makes decisions about the Cluster's strategic developments including research areas and topics, the appointment of new investigators, and the submission of coordinated research proposals within various funding schemes.




Executive Board


Key Competency Area (KCA) Leaders

KCA Leaders
Organic Electronics (OE)

Karl Leo

Brigitte Voit

Stefan Mannsfeld

Reconfigurable Electronics (RE)

Thomas Mikolajick

Frank Ellinger

Akash Kumar

Spin-Orbit-Torque Electronics (SPOT)

Stuart Parkin

Sebastian Gönnenwein

Terahertz Electronics (THz)

Michael Schröter

Sibylle Gemming

Xinliang Feng

Biomolecular Circuits (BIO)

Marino Zerial

Andreas Fery

Dirk Plettemeier

Orchestration (ORCH)

Jeronimo Castrillon

Christel Baier

Gerhard Fettweis


Other members

  • Markus Krötzsch (cfaed Open Topic Professor)
  • Marc Timme (cfaed Strategic Professor)
  • Bernd Rellinghaus (DCN Director)

Permanent visitors

  • cfaed Research Group Leaders