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Prof. Vijaykrishnan Narayanan , The Pennsylvania State University

Architectural Innovations Inspired by Ferroelectric Devices

20.06.2022 (Monday) , 09:30
Werner-Hartmann-Bau, Room WHB 205 , Nöthnitzer Straße 66 , 01187 Dresden

The ability to integrate ferro-electric devices closely with traditional CMOS fabric has inspired new architectural innovations. In this talk, I will showcase some of our recent efforts in this area including the design self-powered systems based on non-volatile processors, the design of reconfigurable fabrics for security and dynamic application adaptation and the design of hybrid memory/cache systems. Our work emphasizes unique opportunities in leveraging cross-layer design from devices to architectures.

Biography:  Vijay Narayanan is the Robert A. Noll Chair Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are in Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, System design using emerging devices and 3D integration technologies. He is a fellow of IEEE, ACM and National Academy of Inventors. He has won several awards including the IEEE CS Edward McCluskey Award, Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Geoffrey Marshall Mentoring Award, ASPDAC 10-year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award, FPL Most Significant Paper Award and multiple best paper awards. His current work in this topic is funded by SRC/DARPA JUMP, DoE and NSF.

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