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Prof. Giovanni De Micheli , EPFL

Design and optimization of Quantum Electronic circuits

24.05.2022 (Tuesday) , 12:45
BAR E85 , Helmholtzstraße , 01062 Dresden

Quantum electronic circuits where the logic information is processed and stored in single flux quanta promise efficient computation in a performance/power metric, and thus are of utmost interest as possible replacement or enhancement of CMOS. Design automation for quantum electronic logic families is still in its infancy, but important results have been achieved in terms of automatic balancing and fanout management. The combination of these problems with logic restructuring poses new challenges, as the overall problem is more complex as compared to CMOS and algorithms and tools cannot be just adapted.  This presentation will cover recent advancement in design automation for superconducting electronic circuits as well as address future developments in the field.

Giovanni De Micheli is Professor of EE and CS at EPFL. He is credited for the invention of the Network on Chip design automation paradigm and for the creation of algorithms and design tools for Electronic Design Automation(EDA). His current research interests include several aspects of design technologies for integrated circuits and systems, such as synthesis for emerging technologies. He is a Fellow of ACM, AAAS and IEEE, a member of the Academia Europaea and an International Honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Prof. De Micheli received numerous awards, including the 2019 ACM/SIGDA Pioneering Achievement Award, the 2016 EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2016 IEEE/CS Harry Goode award.

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