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Engineering Life 2015

29.09.2015 (Tuesday) - 01.10.2015 (Thursday) , 09:00 - 18:00
Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe Dresden , Neumarkt 9 , 01067 Dresden

B CUBE, Center for Molecular Bioengineering at the Technische Universität Dresden, and the Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden are hosting the symposium

ENGINEERING LIFE 2015: Synthetic Biology meets Bioinspired Materials

from Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2015 in Dresden. The event will be co-organized with the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and endorsed by the Dresden Institutional Strategy concept within the German Excellence Initiative.


Synthetic biology is a young and rapidly developing research field that aims to redesign biological systems to address grand technological challenges. In ‘top-­down’ approaches organisms are genetically engineered to be endowed with metabolic properties and regulatory circuits that surpass their natural capabilities. ‘Bottom-­up’ synthetic biology modifies the self-­assembling properties of biomolecules and cellular machines in vitro to generate programmable systems that execute desired functions. The symposium aims to provide an overview of current advances in ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ synthetic biology, and establish a link to the latest developments in the field of materials synthesis for health and other applications.

Participants can register for individual days or the whole symposium (€ 100 per day for academic, € 200 for industry participants). Registration is limited to 125 persons

Venue: The symposium will be held at the Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe in the center of Dresden, right in front of Dresden’s landmark, the Frauenkirche.

Organizing committee: Stefan Diez (Dresden), Georg Duda (Berlin), Peter Fratzl (Potsdam-­Golm), Nils Kröger (Dresden), David Mooney (Cambrigde, MA, USA), Carsten Werner (Dresden)

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