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Girls' Day at cfaed

23.04.2015 (Thursday) , 09:00 - 15:00
Nöthnitzer Straße 46 01062 Dresden

Every year in Spring, companies with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centers are invited to organize an open day for girls only - Girls' Day. By taking part in Girls' Day, girls shall be particularly motivated and encouraged to seize their career options and to decide in favor of a qualified apprenticeship or degree. Subsequently, they would then choose an occupation even in professional fields that are presently not typically staffed with women. 

cfaed will participate in the campaign once again this year. Therefore, cfaed organizes, in collaboration with the CRC 912 - cfaed's HAEC Path - and the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden, the event "Discover how cfaed re-invents microelectronics!" Scientists of computer science, electrical engineering, and material science will show the girls in demonstrations and presentations, how a smart phone works, how and why we can fly with a superconducting maglev train and why polymers are so-called intelligent materials. 

Ten girls can take part in the cfaed Girls' Day program. There are still very few places available. Take the opportunity to sign up and experience firsthand how cfaed reinvents microelectronics. 

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