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Dr. Aline Ramires , Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden

How unconventional can a superconductor be?

19.11.2019 (Tuesday) , 16:40 - 17:30
Recknagel-Bau, Lecture Theatre REC/C213 , Haeckelstr. 3 , 01069 Dresden

The superconducting state of electronic matter is one interesting example of
macroscopic quantum phenomena and has promising technological applications.
Superconductors based on elemental materials and alloys are usually referred to as
conventional, following the phenomenology predicted by the standard BCS theory, and
associated with the breaking of U(1) gauge symmetry. Many families of superconducting
materials were discovered, with most of these being classified as "unconventional
superconductors”, in which case additional symmetries are broken in the
superconducting state. The breaking of point group symmetry, spin rotational
symmetry or time-reversal symmetry lead to unique signatures in experiments which
gives us hints about the nature of the superconducting state. Simple extensions of BCS
theory have given us theoretical guidelines to understand these signatures.
Nevertheless, today we find materials that challenge this understanding by displaying
signatures which seem contracting. In this colloquium, we come closer to contemporary
issues in unconventional superconductivity highlighting complex materials hosting
unconventional superconducting states with unexpected phenomenology, and
discussing how these can be more robust than their conventional counterparts.

The colloquium will be followed by a Get-Together with Aline Ramires in room B202 (~6
pm.). Female students and staff are invited to talk to her in person and discuss female
perspectives on challenges in studies and professional life over drinks and snacks.


Everybody welcome!


Bachelor degree in Physics from the Federal University of Sao Carlos (2009), Master’s degree from
the Fluminense Federal University (2010), and PhD degree from Rutgers University (2015). For
three years she was a Junior Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Studies at ETH-Zurich (2015-
2018), and now holds a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow position at the Max Planck Institute for
the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, as well as a Simons-FAPESP junior group leader
position at the ICTP-SAIFR in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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