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150 Jahre Benzolformel

31.08.2015 (Monday) , 10:50 - 12:20
Messe Dresden, Alte Börse, Hamburg 1 , Messering 6 , 01067 Dresden

As part of the conference of GDCh taking place in Dresden, we would like to inform you about two highly recommended Symposiums. "150 Jahre Benzolformel" is one of these, taking place at Börse Dresden and containing interesting talks of scientists like Klaus Müllen and J.R. Wünsch.



Kekulé's Benzene Structure and the Success of the (German) Dye Industry: Cause or Consequence?

E. Homburg, Maastricht/NL



Aromaticity, Antiaromaticity, and the Quest of Reactivity

W. Sander, Bochum/DE



From Benzene to 2D and 3D Carbon Nanostructures

K. Müllen, Mainz/DE



Benzene - a Cradle Chemical for Multiple Advanced Materials & Chemicals in Chemical Industry

J. R. Wünsch, Ludwigshafen/DE

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