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nanoMA Symposium „Moleculesin Flatlands“

06.12.2017 (Wednesday) , 09:00 - 18:00
Physikgebäude 2/P031 - 2/P033 , Reichenhainer Str. 70 , 09126 Chemnitz

The nanoMA symposium „Moleculesin Flatlands“ is organized by the Center for Nanostructured Materials and Analytics of the TU Chemnitz.


09:00 Begrüßung (Dietrich R. T. Zahn (TU Chemnitz))

09:15 Epitaxial Graphene on Semiconductor Surfaces and Adsorption of Organic Molecules (Andrew Evans (Aberystwysth University))

09:45 Graphene Nanoribbons: Growth Characterisationand Functionalisation (Tony Cafolla (Dublin City University))

10:15 Pause

10:30 Tuning the Properties of Epitaxial Siliceneby Molecular Adsorption (Patrick Vogt (TU Chemnitz))

11:00 Doping Graphene by Molecules (Thomas Seyller (TU Chemnitz))

11:30 Optimizing the Electronic and Transport Properties of Organic Molecules Using Simulations (Hector Vazquez (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic))

16:00 Colloquium on-Surface Synthesis and Strategies for Graphene Growth (Javier Méndez (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC))

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