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Online Talk: cfaed Seminar Series talk on “Artificial Cells: Theoretical description of minimal in vitro information processing systems”

31.03.2020 (Tuesday) , 16:15 - 18:00

The Biological Algorithms Group is hosting a Online Talk about Artificial Cells: Theoretical description of minimal in vitro information processing systems"

The talk is presented by Maja Grützmann, TU Dresden, on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 4:15 pm.

Everyone is invited to participate online via Zoom Meeting with the following link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/820644728?pwd=Y0tGMCtiR2MxL3dpRDRhUmgyamdIQT09

Login with Meeting ID "820 644 728" and the password "017532". So grab your snacks, get cozy on your favorite #stayhome-place and watch the talk with us! Check in a few minutes earlier for testing the sound.

More information about the topic in the subtract below:

Information processing of biological cells is crucial for vital life functions, such as embryonic development, neuronal activity or the functioning of the immune system. One approach to better understand such cell signalling processes is to rebuild chemical networks that process information in vitro. The PEN-DNA reaction system, developed by K. Montagne et al., see Molecular systems biology, 2011, can be used for doing so. This Bachelor thesis theoretically investigates fundamental aspects of the PEN-DNA reaction system. We present a mathematical model for a basic DNA amplification reaction. We discuss the calibration of measurement data from fluorescence measurements of DNA concentration and apply these to a first experimental data set provided by the Tang group (MPI-CBG, Dresden). Finally, we compare the mathematical model of a simple PEN- DNA reaction to a first set of time series data (also provided by the Tang group).

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