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Prof. Michel Armand , CIC energiGUNE, Spain

Recent Developments in Polymer Electrolytes, the T+ Conundrum

11.12.2020 (Friday) , 17:00

Meeting‐ID: 942 4095 4002
Code: 856901

The world is turning increasingly to electrification as the solution to less CO2 emissions. In transportation, this means turning to electric vehicles working with batteries. Renewable energies (PV, wind…) are intermittent and need also batteries to adjust production and demand. Solid‐state batteries are seen as the solution to increase the energy density and lifetime by harnessing safely the lithium metal electrode. It is not very well known that commercial polymer electrolyte batteries already power EVs in France and city buses in Germany. The dissolution of a designed salt into a solvating polymer like poly(ethylene oxide) leads to ionic conductivity, but it is sufficient at only ≈ 70°C and the most mobile species are the negative charges, not Li+, resulting in polarisation and short circuits. In this presentation, we will show that conventional polyethers can see their architecture modified to improve chain motion, thus low temperature conductivity. Further, the design of new salts allows to favour the mobility of the cation, improving kinetics. These new materials pave the way for improved solid‐state batteries with the ease of processing polymers for industrial production. Future directions will be discussed.

Prof. Michel Armand, born in France and educated in France and USA, he owns a Master in inorganic, organic chemistry and physical chemistry (Paris 1968); Ph.D. in Physics (1978); and Fullbright Fellow in 1970. He has been Directeur de Recherche at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) since 1989; invited senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (1982‐1983); Professor at University of Montreal (Canada) (1995‐2004) and Director of the Joint CNRS‐UdM International Laboratory on Electroactive Materials (2000‐2004).
Prof. Armand joined CIC energiGUNE in 2011 as part of the Scientific Committee of the Electrochemical Storage, Batteries and Supercaps area while leading the creation of the Polymer Electrolyte research group, currently at the top of European Research on Solid State Batteries.
With an h‐index of 67 and over 66000 citations, Prof. Armand is acting or has acted as Editorial Board for several journals (Solid‐State Ionics, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, Synthetic Metals, J. Power Sources) and Conferences advisory committee and organization for several international conferences.

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