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Dr. Lucas Wetzel , MPI-PKS

Self-organized Synchronization in Electronic Systems

27.09.2019 (Friday) , 12:25 - 12:40
Barkhausenbau, Heinz-Schönfeld-Hörsaal , Georg-Schumann-Str. 13 , 01187 Dresden

We develop a modular and scalable architecture design for the implementation of a novel synchronization layer for large, or spatially distributed electronic systems. It relies on self-organized synchronization of mutually coupled electronic clocks. The project plan includes two prototype production runs in BiCMOS technology and the setup of a demonstrator. In networks with up to 288 clocks we will validate that there is no phase-drift between the clocks in the network once a synchronized state has self-organized, and that the quality of such synchronized states exceeds that of an individual clock.

This project will lay the foundation for the application of this novel approach in the next-generation electronic systems, e.g., in communications, antenna arrays, indoor navigation, drone and robot swarms and data-centers.

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