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Silicon & Diamond Photonics

08.03.2016 (Tuesday) - 09.03.2016 (Wednesday) Haus der Kulturen Braunschweig e.V. , Am Nordbahnhof 1 , 38106 Braunschweig

Registration for this fascinating workshop of two days is possible until February 25th 2016 via mail (Veranstaltung@photonicnet.de). The participation fee is 260€ per person, 210€ if you are a member of competence Network OT and 150€ for students.


08.03.2016: Siliconphotonics

Silicon is the material of choice for the microelectronics industry. However, recent developments of the Engineering of the optical properties of silicon have made it a very interesting material for optical signal processing. Additionally, Silicon photonics is CMOS compatible which enables the possibility to exploit the mature technology of the microlelectronics industry and to co-integrate optical and microlelectronics processing. Thus, silicon integrated photonics could pave the way to very high-data rate and cheap optical transmitter and receiver modules for the mass market of the internet, data centers and even for chip-to-chip and on-chip communications. At the same time, the confinement of the waves and the mix with other materials have led to very interesting properties which enable integrated frequency combs, optical signal processing, strong reduction of the interaction length and a lot of other very new applications. We have assembled a fantastic programme of speakers who will give an overview and insight into this very exciting field of research.

09.03.2016: Diamond Nanophotonics

Diamond – is this the material of the next decades? It possesses remarkable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical hardness, large Young´s module and high thermal conductivity. But now it enters also the quantum optics´ stage! Diamond is transparent from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral range, has a high refractive index and it may contain a variety of defect centers. These properties make diamond a very interesting material for many applications, especially exciting is the field of quantum information and quantum optics. In the center of these modern applications are color centers, mainly nitrogenvacancy and silicon-vacancy single centers suitable for single photon operation and Manipulation. In this workshop, top level presentations will be given on the fields of diamond wafer production, quantum optics in diamond, diamond nanostructures, diamond and metrology, integration of defect centers in diamond, light and matter interactions and the interfacing of color centers in Diamond.

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