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Functional Polymer Materials for Electronics, Energy Technology and Medicine

31.08.2015 (Monday) , 14:20 - 17:10
Messe Dresden, Alte Börse , Messering 6 , 01067 Dresden

As part of the conference of GDCh taking place in Dresden, we would like to inform you about two highly recommended Symposiums. At one of these, "Functional Polymer Materials for Electronics, Energy Technology and Medicine", cfaed scientist Xinliang Feng is going to give a talk.


Controlled Synthesis of Graphene and 2D Nanohybrids for Energy Storage and Conversion
X. Feng, Dresden/DE



Chemical DNA Nanotechnology: From Synthesis of Complex Drug Molecules to Biomedical Applications
A. Herrmann, Groningen/NL



Large N-Heteroacenes
U. Bunz, Heidelberg/DE



Functional, Microporous Polymer Networks
U. Scherf, Wuppertal/DE



Engineering Interfaces Using Controlled Radical Polymerization
H.-A. Klok, Lausanne/CH



Synthesis and Applications of Precise (Bio)Macromolecular Archtectures
T. Weil, Ulm/DE


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