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Women@DDc Event: Work-Life-Balance for Women in Science

10.05.2023 (Wednesday) , 09:00 - 17:00
Seminargebäude Room S 219 , HTW Dresden

Nowadays, female scientists with families or caregiving responsibilities often face high demands in their careers and during their scientific qualification. Even well-organized people reach the limits of their resilience. Permanent stress weakens the body's immune system and reduces personal performance.
The goal of this full-day workshop is the expansion of one's own possibilities towards a serene balance, in which the personal needs for recreation, design and meaningful action find their appropriate consideration. In this way, physical and mental health can be maintained and promoted.
Starting with an individual stocktaking, through interactive impulse lectures, reflections in small groups, relaxation methods to playful trying out of new behaviors, there is something for everyone in the workshop to get on the track of stressors and to be able to face everyday life more calmly with their own solution strategies.

Trainer: Maxi Mittag (Mentalressourcen Coaching)

Note on workshop language: English

Places are limited to 10. For better planning, please register by May 1, 2023 preferably via LinkedIn event registration or by email (carolin.schaufel@htw-dresden.de).




The workshop is co-organized by the Women@DDc Network and the Professorinnenprogramm III at HTW Dresden.

Women@DDc Network:
Das Women@DDc Network ist 2022 aus einer gemeinsamen Initiative des Sachgebiets 9.3 Diversity Managements der TU Dresden, des Barkhausen Instituts und der Geschäftsstelle von DRESDEN-concept e.V. entstanden, um Wissenschaftlerinnen aller Statusgruppen und Wissenschaftsmanagerinnen innerhalb des Forschungsverbunds DRESDEN-concept besser zu vernetzen und sichtbarer zu machen.

Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftsmanagerinnen, die am Netzwerk interessiert sind, können der LinkedIn-Gruppe beitreten und erhalten dort alle Informationen zu Veranstaltungen und Aktivitäten im Netzwerk. // Female scientists and science managers interested in the network are encouraged join the LinkedIn group. Upcoming events and activities will be announced through this group and can also be followed at the Events Page on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Group Women@DDc Network: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12658875/
LinkedIn Events Women@DDc Network: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/86197215/
More information on Women@DDc: www.tud.de/diversity/women-at-ddc

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