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New review on silicon and germanium nanowire physics and devices:

“Silicon and germanium nanowire electronics: physics of conventional and unconventional transistors”            

Reports on Progress in Physics, 80 (6), 066502, 2017  


Group Leader:

Dr. Walter Weber


Dr. Weber studied Electrical Engineering at the TU Munich and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the same university in 2007. From 2002 till 2004 he worked at the Infineon AG - Corporate Research Laboratories in Munich in the group of L. Risch developing technology for different types of nanometer scale double-gate transistors including finFETs, multi-bit trigate flash cells and planar double gate FETs.

From 2004 until 2008 he performed his PhD research at the Infineon AG and Qimonda AG - Materials Research Department under the supervision of Prof. F. Kreupl, Prof. H. Riechert and Prof. P. Lugli. His focus was on the synthesis of nanowires heterostructures and the conception of novel nanowire based transistors with programmable polarity.

Since 2008 he is a Senior Scientist at Namlab gGmbH leading activities on Beyond-Moore emerging devices and circuits. In parallel, since 2013 he is also acting as a Research Group Leader at cfaed at TU Dresden.


Research Vision

The research group focuses on the conception of novel nanoelectronic devices and energy storage cells as key technologies for future electronic systems. Our research spans the complete chain from the nano- material synthesis through nano-device fabrication & characterization up to the investigation of demonstrator circuits. This approach enables us to efficiently direct nano-electronic technologies to system relevant implementations.


Research Topics

Main topics are nanowire based reconfigurable transistors and circuits, transducers for sensors, nanoscale contact properties to Si, Ge and C as well as silicon nanowire based anode assemblies for Li and Li-S batteries.

Nanowire based Reconfigurable Transistors

An exceptional opportunity to perpetrate the virtuous cycle of electronics beyond conventional Moore´s scaling is to extend the functional diversity of the integrated electronic devices. Our unique reconfigurable nanowire approach focuses on establishing a multifunctional electronics platform able to perform a higher number of functions with the same hardware complexity as conventional CMOS electronics. To this end we focus on the development of the key physical device concepts, circuit theory and necessary technology - platform.

The reconfigurable nanowire field effect transistor (RFET) conceived here is a four terminal device that provides unipolar n- or p-type electrical characteristics as selected on-the-fly by an electric select signal [1, 2]. The enhanced functionality is enabled by the selective transport through two individually gated nanoscale NiSi2 / intrinsic-Si Schottky junctions. The gate overlapping the source junction controls the output current, while the gate on the drain side is used to block the undesired carrier type.
Our recent efforts have been on enhancing the RFET devices to successfully tackle the largest hurdle for a practicable implementation in circuits: symmetry of the current-voltage characteristics. Given the different nature of electron and hole transport in most semiconductors significantly different on- currents have been delivered by n- and p- type devices. Over the last four decades, standard CMOS technology has had to design and integrate p-type devices with the double of width than n- type devices to obtain equivalent on-currents.

In our unique single MOS approach demonstrated in [3] the electron and hole injection properties at the source and drain junctions are fine-tuned by radial strain incorporation into the nanowires, truly delivering symmetric n- and p- characteristics from the same device.

Our Single MOS approach is the first electronic device of any kind and material to show symmetric n- and p- characteristics from the same physical structure and with a single supply voltage. It provides a simple platform to overcome the arduous separate adjustment of p- and n- type FETs. The single MOS concept does not require intentional doping and is by principle scalable to a small device area. Almost all process steps for device fabrication are compatible with state-of-the-art Si CMOS manufacturing techniques.


Single MOS Complementary Nanowire Circuits

The higher expressive value of reconfigurable FETs opens new opportunities at the logic circuit level. Two interesting circuit strategies that were previously not accessible with conventional FETs are opened to be studied. In the first one, layouting and mapping of circuits is reduced to a single type of universal device of a sole material composition and size. This is distinctly different to state-of-the-art CMOS, where designs cope with different compositions, size, shared implantation wells and local isolations between different wells. In the second strategy, new types of circuits can be studied, that can have multiple functionalities as programmed through the individual select signals. At the same time, the larger device size and the additional number of select signals need are challenging aspects that are being under continuous study. Both strategies are being investigated at Namlab.

A first step towards studying the applicability of our single MOS approach was to build and characterize complementary inverter circuits built of these. These are simply integrated into a single nanowire structure [3]. Truly complementary operation, where considerable power consumption is only present during the switching event. The equivalent operation is also achieved when reversing the configuration, demonstrating a freely selectable circuit technology.
Due to the reconfigurability of our RFET devices, our single MOS approach deliver an increased value per building block. This is more evident for larger circuits. For example a four transistor NAND gate can be dynamically reprogrammed to resemble a NOR functionality, as proven by simulations [4]. The routing of the program signals and supply potentials is solved by adding an inverter, resulting in a six transistor cell, which can be dynamically switched between both functions.
In addition to the technological benefit and functional extension, the single MOS technology requires comparatively small gate capacitances, as only a small region is gated. This is beneficial, since lower drive currents are needed to drive the neighboring circuit stages within a reasonable delay time.


[1]: A. Heinzig et al. Nano Letters 12, pp 119-124 (2012)
[2]: D. Martin et al. Physical Review Letters 107, 216807 (2011)
[3]: A. Heinzig et al. Nano Letters 13 pp 4176–4181 (2013)
[4]: J. Trommer et al. Electron Device Letters (IEEE) 35, 141 (2014)


Si-Nanowire Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries


Current Research Projects

Funding Agency Project
Currently Running Programs
DFG ReproNano II
BMBF Bamosa
DFG Excellence Cluster cfaed
Helmholtz Gemeinschaft Graduate School NanoNet
Finished Programs
DFG ReproNano I


Group Members

Postdoc Scientists:

  • Dr.-Ing. André Heinzig          (Reconfigurable silicon nanowire devices)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Violetta Sessi     (Nanowire sensors and ferroelectric integration)
  • Dr.-Ing. Andreas Krause         (Carbon deposition and batteries)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Grube   (Nanowire growth and batteries)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Imad Ibrahim      (Growth of nanowires)
  • Dr.-Ing. Jens Trommer           (Reconfigurable germanium nanowire devices)

PhD Students:

  • Dipl.-Ing. Maik Simon            (SOI based reconfigurable nanowire devices and circuits)
  • M. Sc. Tom Mauersberger
  • M. Sc. Moazzam Khan
  • M. Sc. Dipjyoti Deb (in collaboration with Dr. A. Erbe HZDR Nanonet)

Process Engineer:

  • Jan Gärtner                           (Clean room processes, electron microscopy, FIB)

Former group members:

  • Dr.-Ing. Tim Baldauf
  • Dr. So-Jeong Park
  • Dr. Dae-Young Jeon
  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Pregl
  • Dipl. Ing. Andreas Gang
  • Dr. rer. nat. Dominik Martin
  • Dipl. Phys. Vase Jovanov
  • M. Sc. Esperanza Navarro Fuentes
  • Sabrina Piontek

Former Guest Scientists:

  • Olga Tkacheva, University of Alberta, Canada. Fabrication and measurements of batteries (Mai – December 2017)
  • Phys. Michael Stuiber, University of Melbourne, Australia. Nanowire devices with quantum functionalities (November - December 2015)
  • Jian Zhang, LSI Electrical Engineering EPFL, Switzerland. Meassurement and characterization of steep slope finFETs (October – December 2016)
  • Sc. Andrea Jeffrey, University of Alberta, Canada. Nanowire based batteries (December 2010 – June 2011)

Master Thesis Students:

  • Dipl.-Ing. Irvan Afandi      2006
  • Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Todt     2016 (Globalfoundries Price of Best Thesis 2016)
  • Sc. Boshen Liang      2017
  • Sc. Moazzam Khan      2017
  • Sc. Tom Mauersberger      2018
  • Ricardo Revello        2018


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Contact Details

Dr. Walter M. Weber

Host Institute: (Nano-electronic Materials Laboratory)

NaMLab GmbH
Nöthnitzer Str. 64
01187 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 21 24 990 22
Fax: +49 (0)351 475 83 900


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