Henryk Schoder, X-FAB’s global VP Human resources, was born and raised in the Thuringian town of Jena, where he also completed his Masters in Psychology. Prior to joining X-FAB in January 2014, Henryk worked as HR Manager at Infineon’s Dresden site, as Recruitment Consultant in Brighton (UK), Singapore and Dubai as well as HR and IT Manager for Masdar PV.

Dr. Tim Erdmann is a former cfaed PhD student who received his PhD in Chemistry as well as the Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship of the Humboldt Foundation in 2017. He currently works on developing new sensor materials as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the IBM Research Center Almaden (CA, USA).

Dr. Stephanie Rohac is Consultant, Trainer, Moderator and Coach with focus on communication and  change competencies in organizational contexts. She graduated in International Management and Communication Psychology and Management. Her PhD in Intercultural Communication/Psychology deals with the development of individual change competencies in cross-cultural contexts.

Dipjyoti Deb is a Junior Manager at Robert Bosch GmbH in the area of innovation management with a focus on next generation technologies and business model innovation. He had started as a Junior Manager in Corporate Research in the Quantum Technologies and Quantum Sensors team in May 2017. He is involved in topics like design thinking, user experience and scouting for high-tech startups. After his MSc at the University of Southampton, UK, he moved to Dresden, Germany to pursue his Doctorate in Physics at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. He was also a research fellow at IHRS NanoNet and cfaed.

Ina Partzsch is currently Project Manager and Scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI with focus on traffic system data analysis. She graduated in Traffic Engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden and submitted her dissertation for evaluation on acceleration data analysis for navigational purposes in public transport systems.

Nadja Zichner joined the Talent Network Team at INFINEON in 2015. In her role as a Talent Attraction Manager she is mainly responsible for Sourcing and Talent Marketing at Infineon Dresden. She graduated in industrial engineering, and with her background creates a perfect interface between technology, production and human resources.

Dr.-Ing. Martin Claus received his Dr.-Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the Technische Universität Dresden,  Germany in 2011. From 2013-2017, he was a research group leader at the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden, Germany, where he focused on the modeling and enabling of emerging technologies. From 2012 to 2017 he was also a visiting scientist and lecturer at the Universidade de Brasília, Brazil. In 2016, he joined the Bao Group at Stanford University, USA, as a visiting scholar. Since 2017 he has been with Infineon Technologies AG as a Technology and Innovation Manager with focus on 5G and mmWave technologies.

Dr. Robert Brückner is the CTO of the cfaed spin-off Senorics GmbH turning the cutting edge research results on organic solar cells and microlasers into new ultra thin near-infrared spectroscopic sensors ready for applications. Robert received his PhD at IAPP/TU Dresden in 2013 with awarded results on new approaches for metal/organic microlasers.

Sayanti Bukovsky is a Material Scientist and a Senior Process Engineer in GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dresden. She did her PhD research within cfaed in Nano-characterization and In-situ experiments using Electron Microscopes.

Alumni Mixer

As cfaed alumni, Dr. Susanne Appel (née Leubner) managed her entry into Dresden’s microelectronic semiconductor industry. She graduated in Molecular Science and holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry for her research on semiconductor nanocrystals. As Yield Enhancement Engineer at X-FAB Dresden she currently works on process integration for CMOS technologies.

Dr. Thomas Kämpfe is project manager with focus on non-volatile memories for next-generation CMOS/FDSOI, mainly based on ferroelectric hafnium oxide as well as high-frequency characterization and embedded device integration. His PhD in Physics dealt with ferroelectric material investigations for memory applications. With cfaed he worked on high-frequency analog CNTFETs and took part in the Inspire program with a stay at Stanford.