Bachelor and Master topics

In the scope of scientific research projects we are looking for highly motivated students interested in application-oriented topics such as:

  • Investigation of CNT-based Hardware Security primitives
  • Efficient chemical sensors: process development for advanced nanostructures and sensor investigation
  • Contact engineering for high performance CNT-based field-effect transistors in high frequency applications
  • Investigation of anisotropic electrical properties of graphene nanolaminates for wiring applications
  • Process optimization and investigation of electromechanical transducers based on vertically aligned CNT networks

SHK/WHK student assistants available

  • Laboratory assistance
  • Sample analysis with e.g. AFM, Raman spectroscopy, semiconductor-parameteranalyser

Please feel free to send your short application to RGL Dr. Sascha Hermann.

1 Position as PhD student / Research Associate

Currently we have an open position for an Research Associate / PhD student:

  • Development of Nanomaterial-based Biosensors for point-of-care diagnostics

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