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Curriculum Vitae

Asif Ali Khan received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Systems Engineering from Pakistan in 2012 and 2015 respectively. He has a background in Computer Architecture, embedded systems and parallel processing. At the Chair for Compiler Construction, he is working on systems with heterogeneous memories. He aims to:

  1. Realize a  multi-core architecture with heterogeneous memories that meets the multi-faceted memory requirements (such as bandwidth, latency, energy etc) of various applications.
  2. Expose this memory heterogeneity to the application programmer by providing language and compilation support.
Student Thesis Topics

I work on the intersection of optimizing compilers and emerging memory/compute architectures. If you are interested to do your Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis in these domains, I could help you in supervising topics similar to the following. In case you have a different topic in mind that is related, please feel free to reach out and we will talk about it.

  • Compilation for unconventional architectures:

Emerging non-volatile memory technologies promise to solve the capacity, latency, and energy issues of conventional architecture. They, however, have their own limitations. In this project, you will work on developing/extending a compiler that hides/mitigate these limitations and exploit the full potential of these novel architectures. As a target system, you will work on systems with Racetrack Memories (don't worry if you do not have knowledge of the technology itself).

RTMs are sequential. New compilers are needed to minimize the latency of sequential accesses and improve performance.

Requirements: Good knowledge of C/C++
Beneficial: basic compiler knowledge, LLVM
Related work: A recent thesis (MA) and a similar publication


  • Optimizing Data Movement in the Memory Hierarchy:
Data movement in the memory hierarchy is expensive and memory systems, generally, are blind to running applications. In this project, you will analyze the applications statically to find out which hierarchy level best suits the memory requirement of the current input program (there are tools that can be used) and place it accordingly. If done correctly, you may guarantee a 100% cache hit-rate.

Requirements: Good knowledge of C/C++ 

In case of interest do not hesitate to contact me:


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