Asif Ali Khan




Visitor's Address

+49 (0)351 463 463 43729

+49 (0)351 463 39995

Helmholtzstrasse 18, BAR III60


Curriculum Vitae

Asif Ali Khan received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Systems Engineering from Pakistan in 2012 and 2015 respectively. He has a background in Computer Architecture, embedded systems and parallel processing. At the Chair for Compiler Construction, he is working on systems with heterogeneous memories. He aims to:

  1. Realize a  multi-core architecture with heterogeneous memories that meets the multi-faceted memory requirements (such as bandwidth, latency, energy etc) of various applications.
  2. Expose this memory heterogeneity to the application programmer by providing language and compilation support.
Research Interests
  • Computer Architecture (Heterogeneous Memories)
  • Compiler Construction