Group photo HETEROMERGE team. Three men and one woman standing in front of a modern building.
Group photo HETEROMERGE team. Photo: (C) Frank Grätz.

Our group's startup project HETEROMERGE (#HMRG) is a deep-tech venture. Based on our patented technology, we offer innovative hardware, that enables fast and convenient multi-material 3D printing on two-photon 3D-printer systems – substrate independent, on wafer level, and without any size restrictions.

We put your materials to the focus.

Our hardware enables our customers to reach multi-material 3D printing

  • at highest resolution - Combine diverse materials in an unprecedented way by voxel-level material control with up to the 10 nm placement accuracy.
    without design limitations - Get the best of two worlds: free-form 3D design and your choice of materials.
  • 10x faster than the standard multi-material solutions - Realize your full potential in hybrid geometry-material-co-design and shorten your R&D cycles through continuous printing.
  • directly on active devices - Materialize micro-optics or integrated photonics on device substrates for temperature sensitive processes.

Multi-material 3D printing at a fraction of a human hair.

See more details on the HETEROMERGE website!

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