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The myriad of applications of electronics have made the underlying semiconductor technology a key engine of progress. We have grown accustomed to a steady stream of innovations with huge impact on life. However, societies keep facing challenges, requiring solutions that reach far beyond what the semiconductor industry’s roadmap projects as feasible. The Cluster "cfaed" addresses breakthroughs in advancing electronics in order to enable hitherto unforeseen innovations. The main research foci result from the Excellence Cluster phase 2012-2018 and the existing/grown excellence here in Dresden. The Cluster aims at impacting the future of electronics by initiating revolutionary new applications such as electronics featuring zero-boot time, THz imaging, and complex biosignal processing. We will graduate new cross-border thinking scientists and stimulate industry and create impulses for new start-up ideas. cfaed’s research continues to strengthen TU Dresden, enhance its international credibility, and contribute in making Dresden a leading location of electronics fundamental research.