Teaching by the Chair for Network Dynamics


Summer term 2018 (Sommersemester 2018)


Seminar on Network Dynamics (Hauptseminar)

Wednesdays, 11:10-12:40 (3. DS) @ Zellescher Weg 17 *BZW room A120

Lecturers: Marc Timme | Malte Schröder

The dynamics of networks dominates our lives, from molecular reactions in our cells to neural circuits in the brain and from traffic networks to electric power grids. You will learn what network dynamical systems are, how to model them, how collective dynamical phenomena emerge and how to understand some of them. You will also learn to present your insights to a broad, interdisciplinary audience.


Tutorial: Dynamics of Complex Systems and Networks

Tuesdays, 11:10-12:40 (3. DS) @ Zellescher Weg 17 *BZW room A120

Tutors: Marc Timme | Malte Schröder | Xiaozhu Zhang

We offer a tutorial accompanying the Seminar on Network Dynamics as well as research topics on general complex systems' dynamics. Here complex systems are broadly defined as systems exhibiting several interacting units that collectively exhibit phenomena not explainable from individual unit properties alone.

You will learn how to systematically model and analyze collective (dynamical) phenomena in complex systems and networks, how to create own results, both by mathematical analysis and computer simulation and, most importantly, strategic modeling. You will also learn how to present own or others' work in front of a cross-disciplinary 'complex systems' audience or readership


Team Seminar: Frontiers in Nonlinear and Network Dynamics

Tuesdays, 13:00-14:30 (4. DS) @ Zellescher Weg 17 *BZW room A120

Responsible tutors: Marc Timme | Malte Schröder | Xiaozhu Zhang

What are current challenges in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Network Dynamics and beyond? Can we observe and perhaps co-define new developing trends? Let us discuss up to date ideas, even partial results and broad perspectives on which are relevant systems, how to analyze and model them, how to develop analysis tools and algorithms and which are collective phenomena in these systems.


Ringvorlesung - General Natural Science Lecture, 3 May 2018

Collective Network Dynamics & Future Power Grids

Speaker: Marc Timme

Time: Thursday, 3 May 2018, 16:40-18:10 (6. DS)
Location: ASB, HS 28

(lecture in German)