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OD Chair Contribution: Bottom-up Synthesis of Crystalline 2D Polymers

Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed), Press Release 24 September, 2019

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Left: Schematic illustration for the SMAIS method for 2D polymer synthesis (by Marc Hermann, TRICKLABOR). Right: High-resolution transmission electron microscopic image for 2D polyimide (by Dr. Haoyuan Qi, University of Ulm)


Our Colleagues from the Molecular Functional Materials Chair at the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) have succeeded in synthesizing sheet-like 2D polymers by a bottom-up process for the first time. A novel synthetic reaction route was developed for this purpose. The 2D polymers consist of only a few single atomic layers and, due to their very special properties, are a promising material for use in electronic components and systems of a new generation. The research result is a collaborative work of several groups - including our Chair - at TU Dresden and the Ulm University and was published this week in two related articles in the scientific journals "Nature Chemistry" and "Nature Communications". Read the full press release:

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Best Oral Presentation Award: Doctoral Student from OD Chair Successful at Conference

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The 16th European Conference on Organized Films was held in July 2019 at Université Paris Descartes. Three doctoral students from our chair, Katherina Haase, Cecilia Teixeira da Rocha, and Jakob Zessin joined the conference. And that's not all - Cecilia also gave a talk on the topic of "Coating of smooth ultrathin films for Organic field-effect Transistors". The talk was honored with the "Best Oral Presentation Award" for PhD student talks!

The meetings at the conference were very fruitful in terms of collaborations for the Chair's work. Several attendees were very interested in our work with vibration and solution shearing for ultra-thin and uniform film fabrication. They mentioned setups of their own groups in which our project would be of great utility and we could possibly collaborate with in the future.

Congratulations Nara on getting your PhD degree

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Well done Nara, PhD graduate. We wish you all the best and success on days to come.

REWE Team Challenge 2019

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The Chair for Organic Devices joined REWE Team Challange 2019 with two teams. Congratulations to Mike, Roberto, Tianyu, Zhe, Rishi, Cecilia, Xueshan and Felix. You rock!


A new paper! Congratulations to Yichu

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We are happy to announce the new paper of our PhD student Yichu Zheng on "Exploiting lateral current flow due to doped layers in semiconductor devices having crossbar electrodes". It was published by "Organic Electronics" - Volume 65.

The paper can be found here.

New paper by Jakob, Zheng, Nara and Mike

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Congratulations on the new paper to Jakob, Zheng, Nara and Mike. "Threshold Voltage Control in Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Surface Doping with a Fluorinated Alkylsilane" was published by "ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces"

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Welcome to Zhe Zhang - our new PhD student

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     We would like to welcome Zhe Zhang as our new PhD student. Zhe is part of our group since 2016      working on his project work and master thesis. During his studies he was already working in the lab      where he could learn a lot form our PhD students. We are happy to have him as a PhD student in a      co-operated project together with the Chair for Molecular Functional Materials of Prof. Feng.

INSPIRE Grant Report by PhD Student Nara Shin - Stanford University, USA

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Our PhD student Nara Shin (Prof. Mannsfeld’s group) won the cfaed INSPIRE Grant and had the opportunity to visit Stanford University in this summer season. Now she would like to share her experience and impressions with us.

Please read below Nara's report about her stay at Standford University.

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New paper by Rishi - Congratulations

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Congratulations to Rishi on his new paper. "Alkyl Branching Position in Diketopyrrolopyrrole Polymers: Interplay between Fibrillar Morphology and Crystallinity and Their Effect on Photogeneration and Recombination in Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells" was published by "Chemistry of Materials"

To be found here.

Congratulations to Cecilia, Katherina and Yichu on their new paper published by Advanced Electronic Materials

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We are happy to announce the new paper published by Advanced Electronic Materials. Congratulations to our PhD students Cecilia, Katherina and Yichu.


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