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Head of Chair

Marc Timme, Prof. Dr. rer. nat., MA

TU Dresden Strategic Professor and Chair for Network Dynamics, bridging the cfaed with the Institute for Theoretical Physics. Marc is interested in building mathematical, conceptual and algorithmic foundations towards an understanding of the collective nonlinear dynamics of networks and complex systems. Applications fields include biological and bio-inspired technical systems, future-compliant mobility and energy systems, network economy & sustainability as well as network inverse problems of inference, design, and control. Enjoys swimming, hiking, philosophy -- and science.

Google Scholar profile

Twitter: @MarcTimme

Research inquiries:

e-mail: marc.timme
Phone: +49 351 463-43972 (or 34512)
Offices: BZW A411 / BAR IV68


Manuela Merkel

Portrait of  Manuela Merkel

Secretary, primary contact

E-Mail: manuela.merkel
Phone: +49 351 463 39922

Barkhausen-Bau, Helmholtzstr. 18

Anke Vetter

Portrait of  Anke Vetter

Secretary, teaching inquiries

E-Mail: anke.vetter
Phone: +49 351 463 33846

Bürogebäude Zellescher Weg, Zellescher Weg 17
Room BZW A110

Senior Researchers

Dr. rer. nat. Malte Schröder

Portrait of Dr. rer. nat. Malte Schröder

Senior researcher, Head of Research Team "Collective dynamics of sustainable mobility"

E-Mail: malte.schroeder
Phone: +49 351 463 43976

From Germany, studied at the University and the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen, joined in March 2018. Research Interest include statistical physics of network formation, percolation and phase transitions in these models as well as collective dynamics on networks, synchronization and especially the impact of optimization and economic constraints on these systems. Enjoys board games, all kinds of puzzles and cycling.

Seungjae Lee

Portrait of  Seungjae Lee

Originally from S. Korea, studied at Technische Universität München in Bayern. Interested in dynamical systems, stability analysis, collective phenomena and dimension reduction methods in a system of coupled oscillators, and mathematical physics. Enjoys watching baseball (LG Twins)/ football (FC Bayern München) games and also interested in biographies of physicists and mathematicians.

Research Associates

M.Sc. Julian Luca Fleck

Portrait of M.Sc. Julian Luca Fleck

From Germany, studies Physics in Dresden. Interested in nonlinear dynamics and predicting tipping points in dynamical systems. Enjoys playing table tennis, spending time with friends and visiting art museums.

M.Sc. Ventsislava Kaykieva

Portrait of M.Sc. Ventsislava Kaykieva

From Bulgaria, trained as an environmental scientist in Halle and Dresden, with a postgraduate degree in project management. Joined in June 2020. Currently focusing on the complex world of nonlinear dynamics and its applications. Enjoys cooking and baking, reading fiction, caring for plants and talking nonsense in English.

Dr. rer. nat. Xiaozhu Zhang

Portrait of Dr. rer. nat. Xiaozhu Zhang

From China, trained as an engineer in Shanghai and as a physicist in Göttingen. Joined in February 2018 and now working primarily as an associate professor in Tongji University in Shanghai. Current research interests include dynamic network responses, pattern formation, and self-organization in collective behaviours. Enjoys music and gardening.

PhD Students

M.Sc. Georg Börner

Portrait of M.Sc. Georg Börner

E-Mail: georg.boerner

From Cologne, Germany. Studied physics in Dresden and Leipzig. Current research interests: network reconstruction, bio-inspired computing and data security in AI systems. Enjoys playing musical instruments, reading, cooking, and building things.

M.Sc. Felix Jung

Portrait of M.Sc. Felix Jung

E-Mail: felix.jung

From Germany, studied Physics in Göttingen. Hands-on experience in operating ridepooling systems. Now focused on gaining insight into fundamental principles of individual human mobility. Broadly interested in social physics. Enjoys programming and being outdoors, hiking, biking and climbing.

M.Sc. Verena Krall

Portrait of M.Sc. Verena Krall

E-Mail: verena.krall

From Germany, studied Physics in Tuebingen and Oulu (Finland). Joined in May 2019. Her current research interests include effects of network topologies on mobility dynamics. Enjoys singing, reading and writing.

M.Sc. Philip Marszal

Portrait of M.Sc. Philip Marszal

E-Mail: philip.marszal

Joined in 2018. From Germany, studied Physics in Göttingen. Current interests include nonlinear dynamics, collective dynamics, pattern formation and statistical mechanics of human behavior with a focus on human mobility. Main research revolves around mobility systems exhibiting emergent collective behaviour. Enjoys programming, reading, learning and nature.

M.Sc. Kush Mohan Mittal

Portrait of M.Sc. Kush Mohan Mittal

From India, studied Physics in Paris, Hamburg and Pune. Current research interests include exploring complex mobility phenomenon primarily in the context of public transport systems. Enjoys hiking, careless dancing and seeing Manchester United win.

M.Sc. Raoul Schmidt

Portrait of M.Sc. Raoul Schmidt

E-Mail: Raoul.Schmidt

From Germany, studied physics, mainly in Dresden. Main research interests include network reconstruction, perturbation spreading, modeling and analysis of energy systems and subgraph matching. Enjoys reading, hiking, climbing, cycling and playing the guitar when not occupied with the serious things in life. Joined in 2018.

M.Sc. Christoph Steinacker

Portrait of M.Sc. Christoph Steinacker

From Germany, studied in Dresden and Pohang (South Korea). Joined in October 2019. Current research interests include mobility, especially improving the bikeability of cities. Enjoys video games, movies and music.

M.Sc. Moritz Thümler

Portrait of M.Sc. Moritz Thümler

E-Mail: moritz.thuemler

From Germany, laboratory technician trained in Germany and South Korea, studied physics in Darmstadt. Gained experience in industry in the fields of liquid crystals, satellite data analytics and the financial industry. Joined in 2019. His current research interests include dynamic network responses to fluctuations, synchronization and power grid dynamics. Enjoys cycling, hiking and traveling.

M.Sc. Paul Wilhelm

Portrait of M.Sc. Paul Wilhelm

E-Mail: paul.wilhelm

From Dresden, joined in May 2018. Interested in neural networks and sensory processing. Enjoys biking and rap music.

Master students, Bachelor students, student workers

Frieder Bönisch

Portrait of  Frieder Bönisch

Student Assistant

Studied physics in Dresden, joined in May 2024. Current research involves the study of the Kuramoto model. Enjoys climbing, hiking and playing the trombone.

B.Sc. Lennart Kuklinski

Portrait of B.Sc. Lennart Kuklinski

Master student

From the baltic sea, born and raised by sea gulls. Studies theoretical physics in Dresden and doing his Master thesis on synchronization phenomena motivated by power grids. Enjoys all kinds of sports, being outside and nonrigorous mathematics.

Pierre Naguib

Portrait of  Pierre Naguib

Student Assistant

From Weimar, Germany. Studies physics in Dresden and joined May 2024. Current research involves investigating the origin of life and how evolution is fundamentally influenced by recombination. Enjoys programming, musical instruments and swimming.

B.Sc. Gwendolyn Quasebarth

Portrait of B.Sc. Gwendolyn Quasebarth

Master student

From Germany, studies physics in Dresden. Joined in October 2022. Researches nonlinear response theory, trying to predict tipping points. Enjoys biking, roller derby, and looking at moss.


B.Sc. Henrik Wolf (2024), Master student
B.Sc. Antonia Berger (2023), Master student
M.Sc. David Storch (2018-2021), PhD
M.Sc. David Stein (2021-2022), Research Associate
M.Sc. Leif Sörensen (2021-2022), Research Associate
M.Sc. Andreas Bossert (2021-2022), Research Associate
B.Sc. Benjamin Köhler (2022-2023), Master student
Dr.rer.nat. Fábio Schittler Neves (2018-2022), PostDoc,
now researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics
M.Sc. Charlotte Lotze (2019-2023), PhD
Dr. Rahul O R (2020-2022), Postdoc,
now researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology in Venice
Dr. Jan Schlüter (2021-2022), Postdoc
Dr. rer. nat. Jose Casadiego (2018-2019), Postdoc
Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Schäfer (2018-2019), Postdoc
M.Sc. Guosong Lin (2018-2021), PhD
B.Sc. Stefan Koch (2022), Master student
B.Sc. Leander Haase (2022), Master student
B.Sc. Benjamin Sauer (2021-2022), Master student, now at d-fine
Moritz Piepel (2022-2023), Bachelor student
Jakob Lindermeir (2021-2022), Bachelor student
Thanh-Tien Tenh Cong (2020), SHK
B.Sc. Robin Zech (2020), Master student
B.Sc. Arash Akrami (2019-2020), Master student
B.Sc. Max Bolle (2020), Master student
M.Sc. Thomas Gaskin (2022), Guest