About Us

Welcome to the Chair for Compiler Construction at the Computer Science Department of the TU Dresden. This is a professorship created in mid 2014 in the context of the cluster of excellence cfaed – “Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden”, headed by Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon.

The chair’s mission is to improve the efficiency –in terms of performance, energy consumption and/or productivity– of programming heterogeneous computing platforms for domain-specific applications. We strive at making parallel systems easily accessible to different areas of computing, thereby boosting innovation and discovery.

Here you can find more details about the researchteaching activities and highlights of the chair. Check our open positions and contact us in case of interest (do so, even in case of no formal openings). We are always happy to talk to motivated (prospective) researchers that want to join our team in order to help shape the way future computing systems will be programmed.