Vision & Mission

photo microchip


We conduct and promote research at a leading international level into the fundamentals of future-proof electronics beyond current technology roadmaps. The selection of topics will increasingly be guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and the German government's goal of strengthening technological sovereignty in Germany.


  • We promote innovation in electronics by conducting multi-perspective and holistic research on materials, devices, circuits and systems, systematically analyzing overarching principles of heterogeneous, nonlinear and networked entities, and thus exploring novel functional paradigms.
  • As a scientifically internationally visible electronics center, we provide platforms for nanofabrication technology, knowledge management, as well as nanoanalysis and systems analytics for the TU Dresden and DRESDEN-concept members and are engaged as a central hub of interdisciplinary and cross-scale research.
  • We educate knowledge creators in an interdisciplinary way and convey systemic, boundary-crossing thinking and fundamentally new approaches by integrating diverse perspectives.
  • In this way, cfaed strives to expand its position as a science center for electronics, which is unique at least in Europe, in order to transform material innovations into future-proof electronics applications and thus sustainably secure and develop Germany's innovation capacities in micro- and nanoelectronics. With its research activities beyond the IRDS roadmap and beyond e.g., standard von-Neumann and CMOS architectures, we want to become the think tank for future micro- and nanoelectronics in Germany.