Dresden Center for Nanoanalysis (DCN)

With increasing miniaturization of devices, whose behavior may be affected already by individual atoms, and with the incorporation of new and exotic materials such as graphene, a chemical and structural analysis of the components with higher resolution is required to improve and understand these new device structures. More-than-Moore architectures such as Si-nanowire based reconfigurable transistors (Si-NW RFETs) are just one of the numerous ways to beat the inevitable roadblock that comes in the way of fundamental physical limitations. Also for the development of materials for the harvesting of sustainable energy, nanoanalytics are indispensible, e.g. the morphology of the active layer in organic solar cells has a significant impact on their performance. The DCN focuses on both, the development of methods and the analysis of materials and devices. The tools and methods available in the DCN can be accessed within a technology platform be all users within TUD and the DRESDEN-concept community, and at a later stage they will be offered nationwide and internationally. 



photo of DCN opening ceremony