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CC Chair at CC-CGO-PPoPP-HPCA'18

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Norman and Sebastian gave 3 talks at this years CC-CGO-PPoPP-HPCA Joint Conference series:

In the workshop for Real World DSLs (RWDSL), Norman presented his work on a DSL for computational fluid dynamics. At the Compiler Construction (CC) conference, Sebastian gave a talk on our compiler framework Ÿauhau that optimizes I/O in microservices. Finally, Sebastian presented work on implicit parallel programming in the domain of big data systems in a workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores (PMAM). All talks were well received and inspired interesting discussions.


CC Chair at HiPEAC'18

The Chair for Compiler Construction was well-represented at this year's HiPEAC conference

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The Chair for Compiler Construction was well represented at the HiPEAC Conference, which took place in Manchester, UK from January 22nd-24th 2018. The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems. Three researchers from the chair presented their work in the main-track session and co-located workshops. Andrés Goens presented his papers “Symmetry in Software Synthesis” in the main track session and “Level Graphs: Generating Benchmarks for Concurrency Optimizations in Compilers” in the co-located workshop MULTIPROG’18. Robert Khasanov presented his paper “Implicit Data-Parallelism in Kahn Process Networks: Bridging the MacQueen Gap” in the workshop PARMA-DITAM and Asif Ali Khan presented his paper “NVMain Extension for Multi-Level Cache Systems” in the RAPIDO workshop. The three researchers participated in the social event and other conference sessions where they met like-minded individuals from across the globe and discussed the general perspective of their research areas.


IEEE Rebooting Computing Week 2017 - Presentation by Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon

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Last week, the IEEE Rebooting Computing 2017 Industry Summit on the Future of Computing was held in Washington, DC. The cfaed Strategic Professor for Compiler Construction Jeroimo Castrillon was invited for a talk within the Innovation and Ideas Panel. See his presentation as well as the talks of Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago), Robert Voigt (Northrop Grumman Corporation), and Dario Gil (IBM Research) which are followed by a panel discussion.
cfaed supported "Rebooting Computing Week 2017" as a Silver Patron.

CC Chair at Memsys 2017

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The chair for compiler construction presented a paper at the MEMSYS Conference, from October 2nd to 5th, 2017. MEMSYS is a unique conference dealing with memory technologies. This conference provides an excellent discussion platform for researchers from cross-disciplinary domains including people from the application, operating system, compiler, system architecture, interconnect, and circuits domains. Fazal Hameed presented his paper at the conference Efficient STT-RAM Last-Level-Cache Architecture to replace DRAM Cache in a session that discussed cache architecture and management. 

CC Chair at ARM Research Summit 2017

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The chair for compiler construction gave a talk at the gem5 Workshop co-located with the ARM Research Summit 2017 in Cambridge. The summit is an academic platform to discuss future trends and disruptive technologies across all sectors of computing. The gem5 workshop was hosted by ARM Research at the first day of the summit. The workshop focused entirely on the gem5 simulation framework which is a popular, widely used, and open platform for simulation of computer systems.

Subject of the talk given by Christian Menard and Matthias Jung from Fraunhofer IESE is the coupling of gem5 with the industry dominating SystemC. This work was published as a paper at SAMOS'17. While the talk at SAMOS had a more general perspective, the talk in Cambridge targeted specifically the gem5 community.

CC Chair at SAMOS 2017

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The chair for compiler construction presented a paper at the SAMOS conference, on July 17th, 2017. SAMOS is a unique conference in a great location dealing with embedded systems. Its specialty lies in the relaxed atmosphere which fosters collaboration rather than competition. The formal sessions in the mornings are followed by informal activities in the afternoon that give enough room for discussion. Christian Menard presented the work "System Simulation with gem5 and SystemC: The Keystone for Full Interoperability". This work combines the benefits of the industry dominating SystemC standard with the openness of the research-oriented gem5 simulation framework. This is the result of a collaboration with Matthias Jung from Fraunhofer IESE and TU Kaiserslautern


CC Chair at the Orchestration Retreat 2017

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The PhD students, postdocs and investigators of the Orchestration Path met from 3rd to 5th July for the annual retreat in Altenberg on the ridge of the Eastern Ore Mountains (Osterzgebirge). Most of the time was dedicated to intense working sessions about collaborative projects and future research ideas. Additionally, the invited talk by Diana Göhringer, the new professor for adaptive dynamic systems at the faculty of computer science, and the participation of Steffen Lange and Jens Karschau two postdocs from the Biological Systems Path have been used to discuss and initiate future collaborations. We also enjoyed the nice weather on a short hiking tour to Kahleberg. From the CC Chair, Fazal Hameed, Andres Goens, Christian Menard and Norman Rink attended together with Prof. Castrillon. We discussed various topics, including domain-specific languages for physics simulation, compiler-generated variants for runtime adaptivity and a system simulator infrastructure for emerging technologies. 

CC Chair at SCOPES 2017

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The chair for compiler construction presented two papers at the SCOPES workshop, on June 12th and 13th, 2017.
The workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES) has a long tradition of high-quality papers and discussions, due to it's limited size. Gerald Hempel presented his work, "Robust Mapping of Process Networks to Many-Core Systems using Bio-Inspired Design Centering", which was made possible through cooperation with the MOSAIC group at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. Andrés Goens also gave a presentation about joint work, in this case with the TU Dresden Operating Systems group. The paper and presentation shared the title "TETRiS: a Multi-Application Run-Time System for Predictable Execution of Static Mappings".



Best Paper Award: Norman Rink, Automotive 2017

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Norman Rink received the best paper award at the Automotive 2017 for his paper entitled “Extending a Compiler Backend for Complete Memory Error Detection”. The conference took place in Stuttgart from 30 to 31 May. The Automotive conference is a focused venue with top automotive players from Germany, where software reliability issues are addressed from different perspectives. Norman’s work shows how many potential errors are left unprotected when doing software transformation at the source code level or at the level of the compiler intermediate representation. He corrects this by adding error protection in the backend phase of the compiler.


New research assistant: Tanveer Ahmad

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We welcome Tanveer Ahmad to Chair for Compiler Construction. Tanveer received his Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering (2009) from the Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan and Master degree in Computer Engineering (2016) from the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan. He joined PowerSoft19 in 2011 where he worked on different energy-efficient ARM processor cores and RTOS for developing safety-critical embedded systems. At the CC Chair, Tanveer will work on “Design and Management of Heterogeneous Memory Systems“ together with Fazal Hameed. This project aims to provide the hardware and software support required for integrating heterogeneous memory resources in the multi-core systems. We are glad to have Tanveer with us and looking forward to working with him.