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New Postdoc Researchers

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From mid November, the Chair for Compiler Construction completed the first hiring round and has now three excellent researchers. We are very glad to welcome our new Postdoc researchers Sven and Norman. Sven has a background in computer science. He worked on domain-specific language engineering and well-formed software composition during his doctorate at the TU Dresden.  Norman has a background in mathematics, with a doctoral degree from the Cambridge University. During the last years, Norman worked on compilers for GPU architectures for an international company in the area of telecommunications.

New research assistant: Andrés Goens

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andres goens

As from October, the Chair for Compiler Construction has its first research assistant! Andrés has a background in mathematics, with a Master Degree from the RWTH Aachen University. During the last year, Andrés worked on optimizing memory allocation for multicore architectures. We are very glad to have Andrés on board!

Invited talk at TU Berlin

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On September 11, Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon gave an invited talk on “Languages and tools for efficient parallel programming” at the chair for Embedded Systems Architecture headed by Prof. Ben Juurlink at the TU Berlin. Jeronimo presented the structure of the TUD Cluster of Excellence cfaed and talked about programming models and tools for embedded heterogeneous multi-processor systems. The talk was followed by discussions for concrete cooperation possibilities with Prof. Juurlink and his Postdoc Dr. M. Álvarez.

Jeronimo Castrillon received “Borchers Plakette" from the RWTH Aachen University

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castrillon plakette

On September 5, Jeronimo Castrillon was awarded the “Borchers Plakette” for his dissertation on “Programming Heterogeneous MPSoCs: Tool Flows to Close the Software Productivity Gap”. This medal is awarded yearly by the RWTH Aachen University to the best doctoral graduates.