Ridepooling potential in Germany

Project description

Demand-responsive services such as ridepooling offer new opportunities to increase the flexibility and sustainability of human mobility and to improve access to public transport for all people. However, the potential of these services varies across applications. Whether and in what form ridepooling will be both sustainable and efficient at the same time can currently only be determined through financially intensive pilot projects or elaborate simulations with high data requirements.

The goal of Where2Share is to further develop and apply theoretical insights into the collective dynamics of complex ridepooling systems to predict their efficiency and sustainability based on a small amount of widely available data. With these predictions, we plan to create a spatially resolved potential assessment of ridepooling services and make it accessible as a Germany-wide interactive ridepooling potential map to support the planning of ridepooling services.

For this purpose, we will develop a data pipeline for automated prediction of performance metrics for ridepooling services such as mean travel time and distance traveled. The existing theoretical models will be tested and further developed through simulation and data-driven comparisons. Furthermore, we will investigate how additional aspects of ecological, economic and social sustainability can be integrated into these models.

Project data

Funding Body Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehrs (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport)
Innovation initiative mFund
Förderlinie 1 (line 1)
Funding 192,630.94 €
Duration 07/23 - 12/24
Contact Malte Schröder, malte.schroeder@tu-dresden.de