Partners & Endorsers

cfaed is uniquely positioned: strong research activities in micro-/nanoelectronics, materials and natural sciences, and electronic systems engineering at Technische Universität Dresden and its DRESDEN-concept partners have evolved over the last years.

The Dresden region is the largest micro- and organic electronics hub in Europe represented by the networks Silicon Saxony and Organic Electronics Saxony. The planned research is thus of major strategic importance for the region, as also expressed by about 40 Letters of Endorsement of local and global industry. Endorsements range from joint assessment of research results, joint initiation of application-oriented research projects, supervision and job opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students to sponsoring of special measures within cfaed's training and visitor program. A special highlight is the commitment of a local industry champion to endow an additional new professorship for cfaed. The following companies and industry networks have supported us with Endorsement Letters:


cfaed endorsers - logos


Furthermore we asked renowned researchers to support us by serving on our Scientific Advisory Board or to join the cluster as Grand Professors.

We thank all organizations and individuals that supported us throughout the application process and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!