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Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities


Irma Slowik, Nils M. Kronenberg, Markus Franke, Axel Fischer, Andreas Richter, Malte C. Gather, Karl Leo, "Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities", In Applied Physics Letters, vol. 109, no. 17, pp. 171104, 2016. [doi]


author = {Irma Slowik and Nils M. Kronenberg and Markus Franke and Axel Fischer and Andreas Richter and Malte C. Gather and Karl Leo},
title = {Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities},
journal = {Applied Physics Letters},
volume = {109},
number = {17},
pages = {171104},
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URL = {
eprint = {


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