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Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities


Irma Slowik, Nils M. Kronenberg, Markus Franke, Axel Fischer, Andreas Richter, Malte C. Gather, Karl Leo, "Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities" , In Applied Physics Letters, vol. 109, no. 17, pp. 171104, 2016. [doi]


author = {Irma Slowik and Nils M. Kronenberg and Markus Franke and Axel Fischer and Andreas Richter and Malte C. Gather and Karl Leo},
title = {Elastomer based electrically tunable, optical microcavities},
journal = {Applied Physics Letters},
volume = {109},
number = {17},
pages = {171104},
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URL = {
eprint = {


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