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Defect-induced magnetism in graphite through neutron irradiation


Yutian Wang, Pascal Pochet, Catherine A. Jenkins, Elke Arenholz, Gregor Bukalis, Sibylle Gemming, Manfred Helm, Shengqiang Zhou, "Defect-induced magnetism in graphite through neutron irradiation", In Physical Review B, American Physical Society (APS), vol. 90, no. 21, Dec 2014. [doi]


doi = {10.1103/physrevb.90.214435},
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author = {Yutian Wang and Pascal Pochet and Catherine A. Jenkins and Elke Arenholz and Gregor Bukalis and Sibylle Gemming and Manfred Helm and Shengqiang Zhou},
title = {Defect-induced magnetism in graphite through neutron irradiation},
journal = {Physical Review B}


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