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Defect-induced magnetism in SiC: Interplay between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism


Yutian Wang, Yu Liu, Elke Wendler, René Hübner, Wolfgang Anwand, Gang Wang, Xuliang Chen, Wei Tong, Zhaorong Yang, Frans Munnik, Gregor Bukalis, Xiaolong Chen, Sibylle Gemming, Manfred Helm, Shengqiang Zhou, "Defect-induced magnetism in SiC: Interplay between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism", In Physical Review B, American Physical Society (APS), vol. 92, no. 17, Nov 2015. [doi]


doi = {10.1103/physrevb.92.174409},
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year = 2015,
month = {nov},
publisher = {American Physical Society ({APS})},
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author = {Yutian Wang and Yu Liu and Elke Wendler and Ren{\'{e}} Hübner and Wolfgang Anwand and Gang Wang and Xuliang Chen and Wei Tong and Zhaorong Yang and Frans Munnik and Gregor Bukalis and Xiaolong Chen and Sibylle Gemming and Manfred Helm and Shengqiang Zhou},
title = {Defect-induced magnetism in {SiC}: Interplay between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism},
journal = {Physical Review B}


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